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You can make your contribution to counter global warming and clearly minimize the release of CO2 with the Binopterus®, while at the same time making yourself independent of continually rising power prices.
Become part of a community and make your personal contribution to maintaining an Earth worth living on!


The Binopterus® - a high-tech wind turbine, entices with its shape, design and function.
Its innovative build permits power generation even at low wind speeds.

  • Unique in shape, design and function
  • All parts are made of aluminum and stainless steel, which ensures a very long service life without power loss, wear or danger from corrosion.
  • Storm-proof
  • Low start-up speed
  • Noiseless
  • Works independently of wind direction
  • At a wind speed of just 3 m/s (with Wind Collector) or 4 m/s (without Wind Collector), a charging current for a 12 Volt or 24 Volt battery can be generated already, which in turn can be used to feed the building grid via an inverter.
  • Also ideal for island solutions
  • Can be used world-wide, even in low-wind regions
  • Low shading
  • Can be mounted on roofs, low walls, building walls, carports, containers or masks
  • No danger to birds or bats

In an average wind region, the Binopterus® can produce enough power in a day to supply:

33h Radio hören
66 h of listening radio
13h eine 25 Watt Glühbirne betreiben
26 h light a 25 Watt lightbulb
8h am Laptop arbeiten
16 h working on your laptop
3h Fernsehen
6 h watching TV
2,5h Kühlschrank
5 h Freezer
600x elektrisch rasieren
1200x electrical shaves
45 Scheiben Brot zu toasten
90 toast 45 slices of bread
18 Tassen Kaffee kochen
36 cups of coffee

Suitable even for
low Wind Regions

For regions with particularly low wind, the Binopterus can be equipped with the Wind Collector, which is aligned in the main wind direction. The funnel-shaped device collects additional wind streaming past and permits charge currents at as little as 3m/s.

The blades additionally serve as ideal advertising surfaces for your company. A moving object will always draw more attention than a stationary one.
We will gladly deliver the blades already printed with your advertisements. Just send your request to


Producing Energy

The Binopterus® combines two wind turbine shapes in one: the resistance rotor and the lift rotor. The vertical shape makes the wind turbine independent of the wind direction.
The Binopterus® supplies a continuous charge current for a 12 or 24 Volt battery even at a low wind speed of 3-4 m/s. The power can be fed into the building grid with a conventional inverter.

The areas of use are diverse:

  • Feeding power into the building grid, company grid
  • Power for use as island solution in autonomous areas, such as mountain cottages, seaside huts, allotment gardens, construction containers, campsites, pasture fences, etc.
  • Installation on the carport or garage for charging an electric car
average wind speed per year in m/s 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
kWh / year 25 85 200 391 666 1002 1344
kWh after 10 years 250 850 2000 3910 6660 10020 13440
kWh after 12 years 300 1020 2400 4692 7992 12024 16128
kWh after 14 years 350 1190 2800 5474 9324 14028 18816
kWh after 16 years 400 1360 3200 6256 10656 16032 21504
kWh after 18 years 450 1530 3600 7038 11988 18036 24192
kWh after 20 years 500 1700 4000 7820 13320 20040 26880

kWh after x years by average wind speed:


Energy Potential

This potential determination considers the efficiency and the scientifically proven energy potential under optimal conditions in proportion to the duration of use of the wind turbine.

rated power generators 500 Watt
battery voltage 12 Volt/24Volt
rotor diameter 650 mm
rotor hight 1070 mm
total weight 100 kg
total height 1678 mm
total width 908 mm
material aluminium & stainless steel
start-up speed 2 m/s
loading begin 12/24 volt battery 3 m/s
begin braking 25 m/s
temperature range - 20 C till + 50 C
noise/noiseless < 27 db
quantity brakes 2


Technical drawing:
Technische Zeichnung

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